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Monday, March 30


I hand colored some easter eggs for the charity shop windows display and put them in a basket with large chiffon scarf inside. The yellow bow was from a bouquet that I had, containing the most beautiful velvet red roses!

Take a look at the photos - they really are beautiful and so velvety to the touch.

Saturday, March 28

Fabric Flower Garland

I created some pretty flower garlands, using up crisp bright cotton fabric.

These look great in a children's room or outside in the garden - a lovely way to invite Spring into your home!

Really simple to make:You will need an assortment of scrap fabrics, a sheet of iron-on bonding fabric, few buttons/beads & embroidery cotton/twine for stringing.

1. Bond the fabric pieces together as per instructions. This way you will have a pattern on both sides of each flower.
2. Cut a flower template from stiff card and draw around it onto the bonded fabric.
3. Cut flower shapes out.
4. Lay the flowers out in desired order and pierce the centre of the first one with the threaded cotton/twine.
5. Add buttons and beads to either side of the flower and knot so that the flower does not slide along the twine.
6. Tie a loop at each end of the garland and hang!

Try some variations on this basic pattern - cut different shapes or sizes of flowers or experiement with different fabrcs and styles.