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Thursday, July 30

French, Vintage and Gorgeous!

French, vintage, and gorgousness(!) - all things I love and all combined in some beautiful old Parisian Fashion Magazines from the 1930's, that i recently took possession of - soooooo elegant. No one does it quite like the French do.

I used some of the advertisements from the back pages to cover a pocket notebook - it's now in my Folksy shop if you cant live without it!

Saturday, July 25

Folksy :: AnnieFloribunda

Folksy :: AnnieFloribunda:

Inspired by a day in the garden - I decoupaged some small plain notebooks and made them into Gardeners pocket books. I used vintage seed packs on the top one and garden twine on the other. If you cant live without them, visit my Folksy shop where they are for sale.

Wednesday, July 22

Folksy :: AnnieFloribunda

Folksy :: AnnieFloribunda

Took possession of the FAB vintage sewing machine today! Had to drive 56miles to collect it but it was worth it... and we had to stop in Stamford for lunch (really worth it!). Beautiful market town where the BBC filmed Pride and Prejudice. Mmmmm loverrrrrrrly hand made truffles and the best Latte I have ever tasted! Then we had to stop for cream tea on the way home... it's a hard life!
Sooooooo... watch this space for wonderful, nonsensical,whimsical creations from the Seigfried the Singer sewing machine!

Saturday, July 18

Sew naughty!

I have been very bad today. I have spent £25 on a vintage Singer sewing machine. £25 that I don't have!
But, I tell myself, once I take possession of it - I shall be sewing and sewing, selling and selling
- and it will more than pay for itself. That's alright then...

Friday, July 17

Reino de España

Yes, am feeling a bit of a Spanish theme going on in my head at the mo. Getting some Latin inspiration for a new project.
Probably due to a visit from an old friend yesterday and her new Cuban husband.
Oh...and also the fact that the weather has been wonderful lately and I have been playing Gypsy Kings constantly (much to the annoyance of my husband)!
Harry (the dog) has also been enjoying the good weather and joining in with the Gypsy theme!

Tuesday, July 14

Japanese - Matryoshka Dolls Fabric

OK, I gave in - and bought some from ! But only after I'd sold a few pieces from my own fabric stash to pay for it. Don't feel so bad splashing out on it now. Am going to make small lavender dolls and brooches from it when it arrives. Can't wait!

Sunday, July 12

I LOVE free stuff!

As it was a bit gloomy earlier, I spent some time searching the web for some free craft stuff and found these great sites:

For free patterns/templates etc visit

For vintage clip art, postcards, advertising etc go to

My latest makes are (more) brooches! See the pics... and if you really can't live without them - you can always buy one from my shop on ( )
I am STILL buying buttons and am pretty peeved that one lovely lot seems to have dissapeared into the black hole that is within Royal Mail...hopefully they'll turn up eventually!

Thursday, July 2

Found a use for those buttons!

Spent another glorious day in the garden today, with Harry, boiling his brains in the midday sun. (at least I sat in the shade and had sunscreen on!).

Had fun making button flower brooches (to see how to make your own design go to my folksy page at - Oh, and I made clay and paper beads, (and some other things that I am not quite sure what they are yet)!

Wednesday, July 1

Wish I could STOP buying buttons!

OK - its been tough - but some of my vintage buttons, beads, etc just have to go - they are overtaking the house and I will never get around to using them all!

I am listing them on (a great new site I've found - if you like crafts - you will LOVE this!)

Hopefully then they can be recycled again and go towards making something beautiful.