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Wednesday, April 25

My Psychic Umberella

There's no other explanation... The umbrella I have is psychic!!!
Today I had to brave the horrid rain to get to the post office. The post office is only ten minutes walk away and so, doing my bit for the environment, I decided to walk instead of take the car even though the rain was torrential.
I resisted the temptation to call into any of the shops on the way, when I passed a charity shop and my brolly blew clean inside out! I huddled in the doorway and then decided to go in and sort my brolly out in the dry.
"Have you got any buttons?" I asked the lady behind the till - and she HAD :-)
I ask everytime I'm in there and normally the answer is "no, sorry".
So I left the charity shop clutching my bag of buttons and hurried onto the post office, so I could get home quickly and examine my booty.
Just as I was passing another charity shop, again my umbrella blew inside out, and so again, I popped into the warm dry shop to sort it out.
Well, what should I see on the shelf? A Cath Kidston handbag for just £3.99!!!!!
(Of course I had to get it).
My psychic umberella had done it again - and guided me to my treasure!!!!
It may blow inside out and leak a little too - but I can't bear to part with it - especially now I know it has magic powers!!!!!

Thursday, April 19

WOW factor Wedding Flowers!!!

I have completed the brides heirloom posy, corsages, buttonholes and babys headband...

Now at the start of creating wedding flowers with a real WOW factor!

Today the postman arrived with these beautiful ostrich feathers in rich cadburys purple...

The flowers to the side of the vase are actually going to be duplicated the other side and (don't tell) but they will become the mother of the bride and mother of the grooms bouquets...
something they can keep forever!

Happily having a play around...
will let you know what the finished product looks like!

Tuesday, April 10

I've been hacked!!!

Oh no! - I've had my yahoo email account hacked and blocked :-( HUGE apologies if you have been trying to contact me unsuccesfully because of this.
I have now changed the email adddress on my contact forms on my website - so if you need to contact me please go to and complete a contact form at the bottom of one of the pages - Thanks Annie x