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Wednesday, September 4

Weddings, Washing And Wonderment!!!!!!


That's what my day has been today all washing, weddings and wonderment!

The day started with a load of washing. 

Over 100 chair covers, to be precise,  so that they could be all nicely laundered ready for their next big event! 
Harry Grimwood was supervising of course - quality control etc. 

The wash was on the line just as the postman arrived - yippie!! 

My chalk pens had arrived!!! 

(is it wrong to get that excited about chalk pens??)

Scribbled a design onto the blackboard, just to try them out. Going to do something like this for the wedding fayre I'm doing in November...


Quite excited, as I've been given a  display space at The Bridal Lounge so am working on some ideas to display there too. 
The trouble I have is, what to take? - 
there are so many ideas and different themes/colourways etc 
that sometimes it's a little overwhelming having to whittle out your favourites - I love them all! 
That's why I love pinterest so much - a library of ideas stored away until you need a little inspiration!

I found inspiration in the most unlikely place today...
my ironing pile! 
I thought I'd flick on the portable tv in the kitchen while I ironed
and one of my all time favourite films was on...
Breakfast at Tiffany s.
Holly Golightly - such a little minx!!! 
Anyway managed not to burn anything, whilst multi tasking 
although there were a few close shaves at 
moments where I got engrossed with the wonderful fashions 
of that era...