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Sunday, May 30

Bluebell Wood - A Magical Place!

Look at this beautiful woodland that I stumbled upon last week! There are so many bluebells in this lovely wood that the sunlight reflecting off them seems to make the silver birch look blue too. I had driven past several times and the blue had caught my eye.

Then, the other day driving home from work, lovely sunny day, I decided to take ten minutes and pull over. Down a ditch and up the other side, I peered through and was met with this lovely sight. Took some photo's on the mobile and scurried back to the car. Had to laugh to myself as I got back into the care ...the passing cars must of thought I'd been caught short!
(Changing the subject quickly)... here is the Texas USA version of our bluebell woods... my friends daughter, hanging onto her hat, in a field of blue bonnets


Tuesday, May 18

Cath Kidston Giveaway!!!

My first giveaway went so well that I have decided to do one a month now - so this June I have a set of Cath Kidston Memo/fridge Magnets to giveaway. They are large self covered buttons (Just over 3cm diameter), covered in three of Cath Kidstons lovely fabrics.
I love vintage fabrics and repro vintage anything (!) and have been a "Cath" fan for many years - back in the days when she was mail order only - and I never tire of her beautiful prints.
So for your chance to win this giveaway I would like you to "follow" me and let me know about one of your favourite designers on the comments box - or maybe you design vintage fabrics/items yourself? If so I would love to see them - please feel free to add a link to your site in the comments box. I will put all the comments into a box at the end of June and the winner will receive the three memo buttons.
Good Luck...

Sunday, May 16

Hand made wins hands down!

I love anything Parisian and thought I'd share with you all these gorgeous Paris finds from Folksy. All handrcrafted, unique and fabulous!
This really pretty necklace is made by Whimsical Wren - A Vintage postcard print of the Eiffel tower is captured in a picture frame pendant, and adorned with a model Eiffel Tower, a tag which reads "Je t'aime", and two glass flowers - Buy it at

or how about this charming print - which really catches the charm of a Parisian street cafe...
Buy this and many other lovely prints from Artquirk at

Or this cute kitten bracelet - made by Fluffstuffs

Buy it at

The great thing about all of these lovely items is that they are hand made/crafted and not mass produced. Next time you need to buy a present for someone or a treat for yourself, visit and support hand made

Friday, May 14

Button Necklace Kit - GIVEAWAY!!

This is my first attempt at a blog "GIVEAWAY"!
To win a button necklace kit, all you have to do is become a follower of my blog and I will then put all names into a bag and pick out one lucky winner. (You can also enter if you are already a follower!)
See below for a button necklace "how to".

Sunday, May 9

YouTube - Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

YouTube - Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

Sunny, Button, Heaven!

I have thousands of buttons (many of which I could never part with). My husband thinks I am a little OCD with my buttons as they are "catagorised and filed" in accordance with colour, shape and age!
OK. a little obsessive, I admit... but at least I know where they all are when I want to make a button necklace

He took this photo of me in our sunny, button, heaven, garden!

To make your own button necklace, you will need:

  • an assortment of buttons, new, vintage and fabric covered

  • necklace/choker wire with catch

  • florists wire (the finer the better, but strong enough to take a good yank!)

Firstly, lay your choker wire onto a flat surface and play around with the buttons. Decide whether your necklace is going to be a symmetrical or a random lay out. Play around with the buttons until you find the design you like best.

Using the florist wire as thread, "sew" one button onto another and then onto another etc to produce a "stack".

Then taking some more florist wire attach the button to the wire and twist the wire onto the band to where the middle of the next button will lay.
Now you can either use what wire is left to "sew" on the next button or twist a new piece of florist wire to the remaining wire and use that. Repeat this process, until you have all your buttons on the wire. (Use a pair of pliers to squeeze tight, any loose wires that are causing buttons to fall forward, and to turn in any sharp edges towards the buttons back).

I used Cath Kidston Fabric covered buttons in this necklace. You can buy the self cover buttons and cover them with a fabric of your choice.

Voila! Lovvvvvvvvverrrrrly vintage button necklace - a unique piece of jewellery to treasure.

If you can't make one yourself, and can't live without one... you can find them in my Folksy Shop at