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Thursday, September 25

Paperback Massacre

Thinking up some autumnal ideas for my brides and came across a great tutorial on you tube on how to make a pumpkin from an old paperback. 

Now, some of my friends will class this as high as murder - cutting up a book in the name of art, 
but the way I see it is, if it's lost its cover or a few pages then it's no use anyway...
What do you think? 

Will there be a paperback massacre this halloween?!! 

Wednesday, September 17

OOOO My Gourd! It's a ghost!!

I know I'm a party pooper, but I just don't like Halloween. 
Horrible gruesome images, blood splattered everything - I think there's enough of that in the world already without dedicating a whole day to celebrate it. 
So when a friend of mine asked me to help with some halloween decorations, I was all set to refuse. 
But then she said "Kooky, crafty, decorations - nothing gruesome"... That was it, she had drawn me in. 
Here's a couple of ideas that I've made using gourds, one is spray painted and sharpie penned the other is a footless tight pulled over the gourd and decorated with ribbons! 


Saturday, September 13

Nicely formed

Wedding bouquets have never been so exciting! 
Different shapes, sizes and materials.
Real and artificial flowers, Jewellry, feathers, paper and buttons all now play a part in dressing wedding bouquets. 

Here's some unique flowers that I have made for brides...

 Pretty Pastel posy made from paper and buttons for a bride with hay fever

 Heart shaped bouquet using buttons and brooches 
from the Victorian era to modern day jewels! 

Simple, real daffodils, poshed up with some pretty vintage lace and button

Purple feathers, jewellery and buttons 

Silk flowers with diamante spray and vintage brooches

Foam roses and spotty organza

Made from the pages of Romeo & Juliet - 
origami flowers and leather button centres

Whatever you are having your bouquet made from, you will probably be using one of the traditional florists forms. 
Which shape will you choose? 

We are always happy to take on commissions for bouquets, 
please just contact us for a quote at:

Friday, September 12

Photocall at The Manor House, Woodhall Spa

How exciting! 
We've been asked if we would style a wedding photo shoot 
for the newly refurbished Manor House in Woodhall Spa.

The remit is a rustic country theme, using lots of lace and hessian (burlap), wooden crates etc. 
Such a beautiful setting to be dressing... 
We can't wait... 
Autumn will be in full swing when we do the shoot, so all of the beautiful coloured trees are going to make the grounds look outstanding!
I'm borrowing bails of hay and bringing carved/inked pumpkins too, 
weather permitting we shall be decorating inside and out! 
Pop back at the end of October to see the photo's...

Thursday, September 11

I get sooooooooooo mad

I get sooooooooooo mad when brides come to me and say 
"I really wanted this, but the person I saw said it wasn't possible"
 If you're not lazy and love your clients... ANYTHING is possible. 
Live your dream and have YOUR wedding!! 
Don't be swayed by packages and bargain deals!!! 

Follow us on Pinterest...

Thank you Sarah Riley for the beautiful photography on this shoot <3 div="" nbsp="">

Pinterest - Bride's best friend

I love Pinterest - so many wonderful ideas to adapt on there and 
so very useful for the bride to be. 

Plus, the great thing is, if I'm helping to style someones wedding, they can let me have access to their secret pinterest wedding page and I can then get a feel for exactly what they love by what they pin! 
I can also send pictures that I think they might be interested in so if you're stuck for inspiration then come follow us on pinterest 
and set up your own secret wedding page. 
 You can also visit out Facebook page at

Look forward to seeing you there! 

Tuesday, September 2

Vintage china table plan

The remit was for "an Autumnal table plan, that is a bit rustic and a bit vintage- using orange as a main colour"...

I used an upturned vintage apple crate and hung some pretty vintage plates that I had, on to it with "Mr & Mrs" ribbon... 

I'm really pleased with the result - what do you think?