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Sunday, May 30

Bluebell Wood - A Magical Place!

Look at this beautiful woodland that I stumbled upon last week! There are so many bluebells in this lovely wood that the sunlight reflecting off them seems to make the silver birch look blue too. I had driven past several times and the blue had caught my eye.

Then, the other day driving home from work, lovely sunny day, I decided to take ten minutes and pull over. Down a ditch and up the other side, I peered through and was met with this lovely sight. Took some photo's on the mobile and scurried back to the car. Had to laugh to myself as I got back into the care ...the passing cars must of thought I'd been caught short!
(Changing the subject quickly)... here is the Texas USA version of our bluebell woods... my friends daughter, hanging onto her hat, in a field of blue bonnets