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Saturday, June 26

We're going to adopt!

Yes, we are going to adopt...a hedgehog... one that's had a bit of a prickly(!) start in life.

I opened our little garden to Sleafords' gardening set today in "Sleaford in Bloom", and one of my visitors suggested that I get a hedgehog to eat my slugs rather than use slug pellets. She said that for every slug or snail I killed, that I probably killed a blackbird too :-( so i have decided to go green and do it natures way.

So now I need to find a hedgehog sanctuary that's looking for a home for a little chap.
Steve wants to call him Dave. We'll see.

Had a great day today at Sleaford In Bloom and it was good to meet and talk to people who are as nutty about flowers as I am! Hope you enjoy the pictures of my secret garden...