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Wednesday, April 25

My Psychic Umberella

There's no other explanation... The umbrella I have is psychic!!!
Today I had to brave the horrid rain to get to the post office. The post office is only ten minutes walk away and so, doing my bit for the environment, I decided to walk instead of take the car even though the rain was torrential.
I resisted the temptation to call into any of the shops on the way, when I passed a charity shop and my brolly blew clean inside out! I huddled in the doorway and then decided to go in and sort my brolly out in the dry.
"Have you got any buttons?" I asked the lady behind the till - and she HAD :-)
I ask everytime I'm in there and normally the answer is "no, sorry".
So I left the charity shop clutching my bag of buttons and hurried onto the post office, so I could get home quickly and examine my booty.
Just as I was passing another charity shop, again my umbrella blew inside out, and so again, I popped into the warm dry shop to sort it out.
Well, what should I see on the shelf? A Cath Kidston handbag for just £3.99!!!!!
(Of course I had to get it).
My psychic umberella had done it again - and guided me to my treasure!!!!
It may blow inside out and leak a little too - but I can't bear to part with it - especially now I know it has magic powers!!!!!