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Tuesday, August 23

I was going to conquer the world and then I saw something Sparkly!

I have always been distracted by sparkly items and I blame it all on my aunt. When I was at a young, impressionable age she would swan into our home with a blonde beehive 2 ft high, the latest boyfriend/husband!, mini skirt, long talon nails (always polished), two little Chiuauaus and ALWAYS had on sparkly diamonte jewellery. As a child I was transfixed by my glamorous aunt and the colours and shapes of her brooches and am sure that is why (even to this day) I cannot resist one if I see it at a fete, boot sale or antique/flea market!

I love to work with these "heirlooms", and hate to see a brooch discarded purely because it's pin is broken or it has lost a few stones. I have a kind of jewellery hospital in my spare room now, where I store them all away, until I find another, equally beautiful, but damaged piece and put the two together so that they can live on!

I like to "reinvent" pieces - I use necklaces and bracelets for headbands and tiaras and brooches for bridal bouquets and hair combs...