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Friday, January 18

Did you miss me?

Hello to all my followers - this is just a short blog to let you know why I haven't blogged recently.
I've not long been out of hospital and was diagnosed with diabetes - so am just getting my head around it all 
- my next blog will probably be about diabetic recipes as I am trying desperately to make some nice tasty meals that aren't high in sugar or fat.
Very difficult for me as I love chocolate and nice rich (fatty) sauces on my food and I'm not too keen on vegetables!
So watch this space!
If any of you are diabetic and have some recipes then please feel free to add a link to this blog :-)
Today I'm making spicy sweet potato soup (apparently sweet potatoes have less sugar/carbs than normal potatoes) and stuffed mushrooms :-) -
Depending on how they turn out I will post the recipes.