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Tuesday, August 27

Cool Alternatives to Wedding Guestbooks

Wedding guest books have pretty much had their day I think, don't you? 
Hastily scribbled in and then put in a cupboard after the event to gather dust for years to come. 
Decided to do a little digging around and see how many alternatives I could come up with...
Ideas that could become part of your home, a talking point, a lasting memory of your special day, or ones that are just fun to do! 
There were quite a few, but these are some of my favourites...

 Finger Print Canvas 

Draw the outline of a tree onto a blank canvas and colour in with permanent marker.
Then leave it on a table at your reception with some ink pads, a pen and some wet wipes. 
Ask all of your guests to place a finger on an ink pad and stamp their print onto your tree, giving it some leaves. They can then initial their print with the pen and clean off any ink from their hands with a wet wipe. This is a great idea and an activity that everyone can join in with.
You are then left with an attractive canvas for your home and a constant reminder of your special day.
(If you are unsure about your ability to draw the tree etc 
- you can buy a fingerprint tree kit from our website for £20.00)

 Sew Special

If you love to stitch and craft - a wedding quilt is a nice idea. Cut out several patchwork squares and have each guest leave a quote or note on each one with a fabric marker pen. You can then spend some cold winter evenings sitting in by the fire, sewing them together to make a quilt or wall hanging. 

 Message in a bottle 

For this idea you will need: A paper bottle, a pen, 50 paper message tags, 50 ribbons, and an instruction card 
The instruction card should read something like 
"Please leave us a message today so we can read it on our 1st or "paper" wedding anniversary."

The guests then guests write their messages onto one of the tags, roll it up like a scroll, tie a ribbon around it and then pop the scroll into the bottle. All your messages will stay there until your 1st (paper) anniversary. Then you cut off the bottom of the paper bottle and read all your messages! 
(we sell these in kit forms at for £15.00) 

Jenga Memories

Every time you play jenga you will be reminded of your special day!
Tip out the Jenga pieces onto a tray with a couple of pens and ask your guests to decorate a brick with some words of wisdom or a picture!


Desert Island/Beach Message in a bottle

 Take a Memo Miss Moneypenny! 

If vintage is your theme, then how about your guests typing words of wisdom for you and filing them in a filing tray or box. You can then collect them at the end of the evening and keep the memos in a keepsake box or scrap book. At  we have a lovely old typewriter that we doll up with some pretty ribbons and hire out for weddings. We provide the memorandum, typewrite and keepsake box for a £25 hire charge. 

For help with your wedding, or to buy any of our kits, please contact us at