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Thursday, June 5

Recycle your wedding dec's!

Vintage is still pretty big on the wedding scene at the moment, and I must admit it is one of my favourites. 

The vintage look can be achieved so cost effectively and I just wanted to share with you some ideas...

So for all you DIY brides out there here is how I recycled some old tin cans and glass jars into vintage looking candle votive s and vases at a next to nothing cost.

These look absolutely amazing going along the full length of a wedding table - we are doing a wedding that is having these on their top table later this year, so please pop back and see the pics.
Get your family and friends to collect them all for you and maybe even share a bottle or two of wine with friends one evening and encourage them to help make something towards your wedding.

You will need: 
tin cans, glass jars, spray gun, vinegar, spray paint, glue, lace, broken jewellery

Fill the spray gun or water pistol with vinegar and spray the surface of your jar/tin with a fine mist. Now spray paint on top of it straight away. The vinegar resists the paint which gives a crackled, speckled look to the glass. 

When a candle is placed inside - it looks great - trust me!

I then cut out some copies of vintage labels and stuck one on each side of the tin/jar

Added a scrap of lace and broken jewellery to pretty it up 
et voila! 

If you want these for your wedding, but don't have time/the inclination to make them yourself - we hire them from just £1 each  at:
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