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Tuesday, March 3

Real Life Castle in the Snow Wedding

When my friend Elaine asked me to help her with her wedding 
(just 12 weeks before the big day), 
I must admit I was a little daunted, and wondered if we could pull it off! 

I have to say that it was one of my most favourite weddings I have ever attended as a guest or a stylist!

The reason for this? 

Elaine was a complete BrideNilla! 

Nothing, Nilch, Zero, bothered her... She didn't really care if the flowers weren't right, or they dyed her hair an odd colour - she just wanted to marry her man. That was the most important thing and everything else was incidental! 
(Luckily, he felt the same!)
The only thing that she was quite certain on was that she wanted snow - 
Not blizzards... just a smidgen, to make the castle looked beautiful.
I said I'd see what I could do ;-)
I said a little prayer and sure enough He made it beautiful! 
Just look!!! 

It was to be a weekend wedding, based at Woodhall Spa Manor 
with the ceremony just down the road at Tattershall Castle. 

It was kind of odd, being a guest AND a venue stylist... but once I had checked into my beautiful "Tiffany Suite" on the Friday morning, it seemed bearable!!! 

I pottered about The Manor all day - decorating the rooms and 
then went off to the castle to get everything ready there... 

The next morning, Richard was up early cooking us all a tremendous fry up (fried bread to die for!) and wonderful, wholesome, home baked bread 
from the deli in town - YUM! 
I needed this, as I'd been up until 1.30am, sewing Arlo the dog's tuxedo 
(We had to transform it from a halloween Dracula doggie suit to 
Perfectly Posh Pup wedding suit!). 
One of the silver satin chair sashes was sacrificed for the sake of pup fashion, Here's a picture of it waiting for him to wear it! 
Those gorgeous killer heels were Elaines in case you were wondering! 
Being the nosey type of guest that I am, I decided to pop into the bridal suite to see how Elaine was getting on... 
Hair and make up ladies Dena and Faye were there making everyone look gorgeous...
Dena was a bit of a dab hand with the camera too - 
look at these lovely photos she took when Elaine was getting ready..

Flowers by Shirley Dee Designs

Then we all had a blubbing moment when dad came into the room and said 
"Darling, you look beautiful", 
(Which she did in those killed silver heels and little fur frou frou shrug). 

Then it was time for Fred, their little vintage car,  to whisk them away to the ceremony at Tattershall Castle...

It had snowed... so it was cold...

The Tennyson Quintet played as all the gusts took their seats. 
Guests were encouraged to snuggle up, candles filled the giant fireplaces and cozy blankets were provided too! 

Part two of this lovely wedding will be coming as soon as I get the professional photographs... watch this space...