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Saturday, March 5


Can you have a stylish house on a small budget? I think you can, and that is why I  am sharing with you some pages from my book that I'm putting together - Style on a shoestring...enjoy

I hate to waste or throw away anything! In our throw away society we seem to readily accept shoddy goods that can be easily replaced - I hate this! Apart from feeding the landfill we are also disposing of our history!

I love to search antique and collectable markets, car boots and yard sales and squeezed into my house, I have shelves full of pretty china, drawers of linens from a bygone age and boxes of braids, ribbons and buttons - well, let's not even go there! I am always trying to find a new use for things that we just don't use anymore... they're way too pretty to just chuck in the land fill!!

Here are a couple of my revamped, upcycled goodies I have made. I hope they will inspire you to "waste not, want not" too.

I had a lovely white coffee pot that I had found at a boot sale. It had a couple of small chips in it, so it was never used - but was such a lovely shape, it had sat on my kitchen shelf for a couple of years because I couldn't bear to throw it away!

I mod podged it with some pretty napkins  had bought from Yorkshire Trading for just £1 a pack, filled it with quick dry cement and now can use it at a book end or door stop - sooooooo pretty!!

Then I had some old embroidered tray clothes. Who uses tray clothes nowadays? Exactly - no one!
So I made some pretty tissue holders from them...