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Saturday, January 23

Don't be a waster!

If ever I write a book, it will be about upcycling/recycling crafts and I'll probably dedicate it to the rag picker children of Mumbai. These children pick through rubbish to recycle... and get paid just £1 a day. The recycling slums. The REAL Slumdog Millionaire. Where families live on the street, 10 to a room or actually on the the rubbish tip, ankle deep in sewerage and rats. People recycling EVERYTHING to make a bit of money just to stay alive. I probably waste enough "stuff" each day, to feed a family in Mumbai - paper, bottles, packaging, etc... so, maybe I will write that book, perhaps some of the proceeds could go to help people in Mumbai. I'll store it in the "future projects" file for now!
With this ub mind if I make one new years resolution it will be "Not to be a waster". This is very bad news for Mr H. It means that more of the loft space will be taken up with boxes, bottles, fabric, beads, buttons, paper, card, paint.............etc! He is already convinced that I am the love child of a Womble...and now it's going to get worse!
I've started already! Making something wonderful from an empty soap powder box and the inner wadding from my old ironing cover...
First, I cut and stuck it into the shape I wanted it to be.

Then I glued the ironing board wadding to the lid of my box and covered the box in some pretty "Sewing" themed fabric I had.

Now I need to carry on with it so I can show you finished product!