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Tuesday, February 28

Cinderella Needed for Beautiful Vintage Shoes!!!!

These amazing shoes are looking for a new home!
I love to trawl antique fairs, car boots and charity shops and am always amazed at the beautiful treasures that can still be found at these places. However, every once in a while, I come across really amazing, something that takes my breath away, that I just can't possibly leave without buying as I know I'll never see them again!!! ... and these beautiful shoes were one such purchase.

I should never have bought them. They have never fitted me - but 15 years ago I just could not resist and for fifteen years they have spent their time in a glass case in my bedroom with me wishing that my feet would suddenly have some mad sporadic disease that would make them grow a couple of sizes!!!

After 15 years, and loads of wishing - I have now come to realise that this is just not going to happen :-( and so have decided to sell them to some lucky Cinderella, who they will fit!
They deserve to get out more(!), they cry out to be admired and I'm selling them short in a glass case!
Not sure if they are 1940's or a retro repro from the 1980's - but are definately 1940's style.
They are made by the famous Italian shoe designer
Salvatore Ferragamo (who has a shoe museum in Florence - Google it - it's amazing!!)
They are in immaculate condition
(Looks like they may have been worn once - oh and a couple of times by me around my bedroom willing them to fit me!!!!)
Black satin over real leather and the photographs do no justice whatsoever to the stunning rhinestones set onto the front, which are beautifully cut and just ooooooooouze sparkle!!!!!
They were made in Italy and are size 8 AA - this is not the same as an English size 8
They are a narrow fit and I am a size 4 1/2 (37) and I can fit in my index finger at the back - so I would say they were a size 6 - but i have not found an Italian show size chart to confirm this.
I have measured inside from toe to heel as 26cms and have 8cm heel.
£ 120 through Paypal and they are yours!