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Friday, August 17

Kindle Vs Good Old Fashioned Book...

Whilst the Kindle is lightweight and can hold hundreds of books in a tiny space - it still doesn't do it for me.
I like the hunt for a good book through all the secondhand shops...
and the pure joy when you find one you've been hunting out for ages.

I think if I did give in to a kindle - I would also have to read the conventional way too...
besides, I think I'd miss holding the book, turning the pages... and how do you cosy up by the fire with a Kindle - it just doesn't sound right!

Anyway, as plenty of people have them (and not being one for missing an opportunity!), I've decided to make some holders for them. 
Glorious Gloria and I made this one today...
Glorious Gloria, showing off her new make

It is the first one we've made - a prototype which I shall probably give to one of my family or freinds as it's not quite perfect enough to sell.
(Mr Harry Grimwood is very strict in quality control).
I really want to have a go at making one from an old book too, by carving out a shape in the pages for the Kindle - just not sure if I can justify cutting up a book!!!
What do you think? Are you a Kindler or traditionalist??!!!