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Tuesday, November 27

Hankerchief to bed quilt!

I'm having a sort through of all my vintage scraves and hankerchiefs today.
I have been collecting the hankies all year and wanted to make something out of them.
All so pretty and all so different,  from the Victorian era right through to the 1960's.
I've decided that I am going to stitch them together, crazy patchwork style and make either a duvet cover for the spring or a tablecloth for all those al fresco meals next summer.
I've seen this done with the blue and white stripy mens hankerchiefs and it looks fab!
It will depend how impatient I get - if patience runs out, it will be the tablecloth.
Until then, I shall carry on thrifting for them,
lovingly wash them, press them and squirell them away...
until I have enough of them to create something wonderful.