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Wednesday, November 21

Red and Gold hearts

 Making some more Christmas decorations. These are made from Fimo clay which air dries, so no need to bother with heating it/cooking it etc.
I rolled out the fimo clay onto a piece of greaseproof paper and then cut out the heart shapes with a cookie cutter.
I made a hole in the top of each one to thread my hanging ribbon/wire through and left them to dry. On two of them I made a small indenation (not going all the way through) so that I can add a pretty button (and shank) later.

When they had dried I painted them with some left over sample paint I had in a deep red colour.
I painted both sides and when dry, lay some odd scraps of lace ontop of them
I then sprayed the surface with gold paint and lifted off the lace. Some lace works better than others. I experiemented until i found a particular pattern that i liked and then used this "Fan" piece of lace to do most of them.
then I added some buttons and thin ribbon to hang.
I'm going to add these to some of my parcels this year, but they look equally as good as a tree/home decoration.
Thinking they would look great for a wedding gold or silver on white/ivory background??
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For a Nordic looking theme with this idea,
leave the hearts white and spray the lace red :-)