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Tuesday, February 25

DIY bride - Heart garland tutorial

Thought I'd share with you DIY brides how to make this pretty heart garland. 
Great as a substitute for bunting if your sewing skills are not good, 
made from paper and very easy to make. 

You will need:
Scissors, hole punch, ribbon, paper chain and stickers 
(or pieces of paper cut to 21cm x 4cm - one for each heart).
We used a precut paper chain pack which you can buy in hobby shops
relatively cheaply (ours cost just £1)! 

Fold the end of each strip over about a centimeter,

Attach a sticky label (or selotape) under this flap and bring the other end up to meet it and secure. 

 Your strip will now be folded in half and joined at the ends.
Place the folded paper chain under a hold punch and punch a hole about half way down the chain link. Then make another hole slightly higher. 

Open the chain link up and push the top fold down until all four holes are lined up

Thread the ribbon through all four holes and start again on a new "link". 
Thread on as many as you need and secure each end with a hanging loop knot. 

An easy way to make a fun, alternative to bunting 
that will bring lots of colour to your venue at a very reasonable price! 
Have fun making yours and come back and show us the pictures! 
Ours will be hanging in our shop window tomorrow 
when we change the theme to "Spring Bride"
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