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Saturday, October 25

Made me cry!

When I first started chatting to Michaela about her wedding, I knew it was going to be a very special day. Her thoughtfulness at each small detail was incredible and she seemed to care more about everyone else having a fantastic day than herself! 

Two of Michaelas four children have NCH (which has a realllllllllly long name), an illness which means they are in wheelchairs and need 24hour care. 
I was pleased when she said that she was having the sparkling backdrop as I knew that both Jenson and Lyla would be able to appreciate the sparkles! 
The aisle runner was a surprise for her dad. What dad wouldnt want to hear this from his little girl? Queue the welling up of eyes when I was laying it (and the going frantic as guests in high heels walked over it - willing it not to rip before he saw it!!)

I set up the ceremony room (with my brilliant helper Lisa) and then we had to wait about for the couple to get married until we could get back in the room to decorate it for the reception. 
I don't normally get to see the actual wedding so I was very excited at seeing Michaela in all her finery and waited patiently until all the guests were seated, best man and groom at the top of the aisle.
I have to say that Liam made me cry, pushing Lyla along in her wheelchair, he looked so proud, responsible and grown up... and then when I saw the "Daddy here comes mummy" sign on Lyla's lap, well, that was it for me. 
T.J Followed on pushing Jenson who appeared to have nodded off and was completely oblivious to all the excitement around him. He carried the cushion with the rings on - he looked like an angel and again I got a lump in my throat.

Earlier that day, I had put all the special presents and cards out on the table for these children and was really touched at how Michaela had made sure that they all had special jobs and felt included in the ceremony. 
Needless to say, they all looked amazing and we left the reception all set up ready for them to party on! 

LOVE my job! 

...and absolutely LOVED this fabulous cake topper that Michaela had made <3 font="">