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Sunday, October 5

Totally impractical diamante pumpkins

Sitting here typing, I've just noticed how covered in gold glitter I am! 
Today there has been a lot of pink and gold experimentation in our house. I've been busy preparing for a photo shoot later on this month which is going to be absolutely beautiful, so make sure you come back to see our pics. 
Pink and soft gold with ivory is a timeless, elegant colour theme and one of my favourites - so I am very excited about this! 

My lovely neighbour, Fred, parted with some of the huge hydranger heads from his garden this morning. 
I love them when they are at this stage, the petals are just starting to brown and look all gorgeously vintage.
I've given them a soft spray of pale pink and gold and we will be using some of these in the photo shoot, providing that they dry out ok. 

I also had some fun decorating a pumpkin...

 - I sprayed it with soft pink and then added gold glitter glue and pale pink stick on diamante gems to the natural indentations. 
Great fun, very girly and totally impractical! 
 - Not suitable for my wedding shoot but would make a fab decoration over Halloween in a Cinderella Princess room! 
Pumpkins don't have to be scary:-)