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Tuesday, September 25

Preparing the house for Autumn

Well, the leaves are (slowly) turning brown on the trees outside and with the shift we've had in weather this week, I think we can safely say that Autumn has arrived!
Mr Harry Grimwood "testing" the winter furnishings
The summer sofa covers and curtains have been changed for the cozy winter ones and cotton throws packed away and in their place wool tartan blankets strewn over the sofas.
All of those lovely spring and summer woodland walks with Mr Harry Grimwood have been worth it, as we've collected a shed full of kindling. I now need to sort them into bundles and tie with string. The kindling will then come inside along with the recycled paper bricks and logs - all ready for those lovely autumn open fires :-)
our favourite wood in the Spring
Every year I look at the pile of recycled paper logs and think "I wish I'd made more" and every year I end up making loads in September and October. I dry them in the oven when I'm cooking tea! I make them with a really cool mould that I bought on line for just £14.99 - well worth the money as it has saved me a fortune in logs and coal. You an get one from here 
These burn well for up to 2 hours on an open fire or in a woodburner and the great thing is knowing that they're made from rubbish post and flyers that come through the door (along with newspaper), so they are FREE !!!

Also time now to start making some of the (dare I saw it?) Christmas presents and decorations, so watch this blog for caramel vodka, christmas cookies and decorations to make over the next few weeks.
Top Dog Christmas Dickie Bow