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Tuesday, September 25

Sid the hairy Scrap Slug, (tutorial)

You know how I hate to throw anything away?
Well, I was wondering what to do with the left over fabric from the sweatshirts I cut up the other day to make my cozy collar with...
there were loads of scraps from cutting out all of those circles!
I was left with the pile of scraps and some arms - I came up with this idea - 
he will probably get put away for someone for Christmas.
Meet Sid the hairy Scrap Slug...

The cat brought a slug in the other day and left it in the kitchen for me.
He was the usual, slimy type that make me shiver, 
not nice and cuddly like Sid the scrap slug.
Sid was born in my fabric cupboard, and there is nothing he enjoys more than a bit of scrap bathing (just lying about in the scraps).
He also enjoys a good game of monopoly and windsurfing at weekends.
If you made my cozy collar, and you too, now have loads of scraps - here's how you can make your own slug...

Cut slits along one of the arms

Thread the scraps through the slits and secure with a stitch or two

The more scraps you add, the hairier your slug will be
You should end up with something like this...

Turn your slug inside out and cut to the size you want him to be, tapering the edge into a tail

I stitched this seam with the sewing machine - but you can also stitch it by hand.

Then turn back to the right side, stuff well with stuffing (or more scraps),
turn his mouth under and stitch to secure.
Add two buttons for eyes and you're done!
If you are making this for a child under 3 you will need to stitch on the eyes instead of buttons to avoid a choking hazard.
Happy slug making!