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Saturday, September 15

The simple things in life...

I've decided to embrace a simpler way of life.
So over the next few months I shall be making a real effort to take time to really enjoy what's around me Things that I normally take for granted.
I started the morning, meeting a freind for breakfast, at Blanchards, a small tea room, in Sleaford.
Here's a picture of her enjoying the sunshine.
There's a lovely courtyard out the back , where the owner grows tomatoes and strawberries - and it's a real sun trap.
We were lucky enough to have the courtyard to ourselves this morning :-) even when the cafe was near to busting inside.
I hope I've done the right thing sharing this great little place with you -
because as much as the owner deserves it to be jam packed,
I don't want it to get too popular so that I can't get in next week!
As we chatted a lovely, homely, smell of freshly baked bread was filling the air
and I had to give in and try another of her takeaway loaves.
This one was brown wholegrain - and delicious!
 I love the very personal way she wraps her loaves - in greaseproof paper packets with pretty string.
Then home to housework and gardening. At least the weather was good enough to dry the washing on the line (always smells so much nicer that way). 
I'm starting to prepare the garden for autumn now - I really do need to get some top soil and plant up the bulbs I've got in the shed... maybe next weekend