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Friday, September 7

September is the month to.......

I've decided to become more organised :-)
From now on, at the start of each month,
 I am going to blog about what I shall be blogging about over the coming month!!

That way, I may stick to the blog lists constantly whirring around in my head :-)
So... during September I shall be blogging about...
(amongst other things...)
1. Making the most of the last summer evenings
(Putting this into practice tomorrow evening hopefully)
2.Making caramel vodka
3. Christmas stuff
5. Woodland walks and preparing the house for Autumn.
I so wish I'd been born in America -
they take blogging so much more seriously
and put us to shame in the thrifting stakes!
I am in awe of them.
How do they find time to fit all that creativity in,
run a home and write about it too???